New Batch - Early Mornings (Limited Edition) - Reserve Your Bars!

Here's another batch that has just been cut and is curing.  It will be ready to go around June 7th.

Early Mornings has a lightly sweet and citrusy scent, really nice for the summertime.  It's subtly swirled with orangey-pink, yellow, and salmon colors.  (The pictures don't do justice to the delicate colors of this soap.)

"Early Mornings" Goat's Milk Soap

This is a limited edition, so if you're interested you might want to reserve your bars before they go on sale!

To reserve your bars, email me: and tell me how many you would like.  I'll set them aside just for you, and send them to you when they're fully cured and ready to use.

Any bars that are left will be put up for sale in my store.  You can look for them there after June 7th.