SOLD OUT - Sedona Goat's Milk Soap (Limited Edition)

Update 5/30/13:  This batch has sold out.  Check back soon to see what's coming next, or sign up for the Farm Girl Soap newsletter to be notified when the newest batch is ready.

This batch is fully cured and ready to go!

I guess I was feeling a little nostalgic for the year I spent in Arizona when I made this batch of soap, inspired by the beautiful southwestern city.  

These bars are 100% natural, fragranced with high quality essential oils of juniper, sage, and cedarwood, and swirled with colors of the southwest.  (As always, only all-natural ingredients are used to color my soap.)

"Sedona" Goat's Milk Soap

"Sedona" Goat's Milk Soap

This is a limited edition, so get them while you can.  This batch is fully cured and ready to ship out today.

I'm giving my website visitors first choice on this batch.  If you're interested, send me an email:

Any leftover bars will be available through my Etsy store after June 1st.