Tilling the Garden - Ready Now

Deep shades of green and brown, with a textured top, this soap looks like a square of freshly turned sod.  And it smells like it too!

If you love digging your hands into the earth, you'll love Tilling the Garden soap bar.  The fragrance is rich, earthy, and completely unique.  You'll get hints of fresh cut grass and warm soil -- it smells so much better than it sounds.

The colorants, as always, are completely natural.  For this one I used green oxide and organic cocoa powder, and the colors turned out so rich and lovely.

These bars are fully cured and ready now!

I won't be making another batch of these until next summer (got to make room for the new fall soap) so quantities are limited.

Send me an email if you'd like one of these bars and I'll have them to you right away.