Welcome To the Newest Farm Girl!

My little soap company is taking off faster than I ever imagined.  While this is amazing, it's also enough to keep me extra super busy!

Since I also teach skin care classes through my other business Angela Palmer's Natural Skin Care, and write and edit About.com's Acne site, (not to mention having to keep up things here on the homestead) I've decided to bring in some help.

I'm so excited to introduce you to my new business partner and newest Farm Girl, my sister, Alison McDonald.

Alison has been one of my earliest guinea pigs assistants.  Over the years, she's tried out every skin care creation I've come up with, and is not shy about telling me what works and what doesn't.  Because she has extremely sensitive skin, she makes the perfect test subject.  If the product doesn't work for her, it doesn't make it into the hands of customers.

We work well together because we balance each other out.  It's fun to have someone to share the workload, to bounce ideas off of, to push you to think big and to keep you grounded at the same time (like, by telling you nobody will want to wash with a soap that smells like whole wheat bread).    

Together, we're having a blast!  Soapmaking has always been fun for me, but this has taken it to fun-times-infinity!

And this whole development is all because of you, who have loved our soap, believed in our products, and supported our small farmstead business.  For that, we are so thankful!

The Farm Girls,