Welcome Our Newest Goats, Daisy and Clover!

We've added two new ladies to the herd!  I'm excited to introduce you to Daisy and Clover.  

Mini Ridge Top Adaeze (barn name: Daisy)

Daisy has proven to be an incredibly gregarious, fun goat.  She jumps right up on the milking stand and let's me do whatever I please (so long as she's got a steady stream of grain in the bucket).

Daisy was still in milk when we bought her, so we've already made a few batches with her liquid gold.  But we've dried her off to give her a break, and will probably breed her next year.   

Haedrun Hope (barn name: Clover)

Clover is Daisy's more reserved partner in crime.  During the initial few weeks here, Clover was a bit shy.  But she's slowly come out of her shell, and she's learning to be a good girl on the milk stand.

Clover is just a gentle, lovely girl.  What's even more exciting is that we're expecting kids from her before the end of the year!

Both Daisy and Clover are Nigerian Dwarfs, a miniature dairy breed.  (Thanks to Haedrun in Loomis, CA for selling us these great goats!) 

Look for Clover and Daisy milk in soap bars coming soon!