Now Ready: Barn Bum Goat's Milk Soap

The idea for this soap has been floating around in my head for a long while now.  I (and many of my friends) consider the term barn bum to be a term of endearment.  So, I wanted to make a soap for all of us barn bums out there.

I searched high and low for what I thought would be the perfect scent, and I finally found it.  It's an earthy-musky-floral mix of lavender, amber, black myrrh, clary sage, and vanilla tonka bean.  It's a great unisex scent.
Barn Bum Goat's Milk Soap

 I'm completely in love with this one, and I hope you'll like it too.  It's a limited edition scent for now, but it may become a staple in our line.  You'll likely get a sample of this one with your order.  Or, if you'd like to purchase a full sized bar you can get it here.

Please let us know what you think of it!