Love Your Handcrafted Goat's Milk Soap? Then I Need Your Help!

I love handcrafting high quality goat's milk soap and skin care for you all, and I want to continue making soap and skin care for you.  That's why I'm worried about new legislation that may force me to shut my (barn) doors.

Senate Bill S. 1014 "The Personal Care Products Safety Act," introduced by Senator Diane Feinstein, has the potential to devastate small handcrafted cosmetics businesses.  It will require mounds of paperwork per batch, plus exorbitant fees.

Larger cosmetics companies can absorb these, but I know that my small business (plus the 300,000 other small handcrafted cosmetic businesses across the U.S.) can not.

So, I'm asking all of my loyal customers for help.

If you like having the option to buy handmade soap, lotions, bath and body products, and other skin care products directly from the craftsperson, would you consider writing a letter to your representative asking them to oppose S. 1014?

I would be eternally grateful; my goatie girls would be eternally grateful too (because they like Mom to have money to buy their hay and grain).  All the other small handcrafted cosmetic businesses across the U.S.A. would be grateful to you as well.

I have the greatest customers in the world!  And I want to continue to provide you with great goat's milk soap! 

P.S. Feel free to share the link below with your family and friends, anyone who would like to support the handcrafted skin care industry.

Click here to send a letter to your representative