Reserve Your Favorite Goat's Milk Soap Bars Now

Hi friends. If you've popped over to my online shop you've noticed that in-stock soap is pretty slim pickings right about now.

With the new baby, it's been tough to carve out time to make soap. Because she never wants to be set down. And she rarely naps. Like, EVER. (Still, I'm enjoying the heck out of being mommy X 3!)

Soap is flying out as fast as I can make it. So, if there is a particular scent you'd like, I'd highly recommend getting on the stocking list.

Just email me with which soap and the number of bars you would like. I'll reserve them just for you, and let you know when they're ready.

It's an especially good idea to reserve your bars now if you're counting on giving soap bars as gifts for the holiday season!

You can choose from any of the out-of-stock options in my shop. Then, either email me at or message me thru Facebook.

Thanks for your continued support! You are amazing!