Fizzy Bath Cookies are Back!

It's everyone's favorite tub treats! Fizzy bath cookies are again available for the Fall/Winter season.

Never tried one? You should, they're great for the skin and they're super fun. Bath cookies are a kind of bath bomb/bath salt/bath melt hybrid. Drop them into the tub and they'll fizz, releasing moisturizing coconut oil and cocoa butter, soothing sea salt and colloidal oatmeal into the tub.

And they smell amazing! Just like real cookies (only without the calories).

These are some of my hottest sellers during the Holiday season, because they make super cute and unique gifts.

The old favorites are back: Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal, Sugar Cookie with Sprinkles, and Gingersnap. Plus a brand new scent for this year: Iced Lemon Cookie. YUM!

Each bath cookie is handcrafted to order, so I literally make them just for you. They do take a few days to craft, so give a few days before shipping.

Get Your Fizzy Bath Cookies Here