About Farm Girl Soap Co.

Hello, friend! I'm Angela Palmer, esthetician and owner of Farm Girl Soap Co. Welcome to the farm!

I'm here to show you how to handcraft your own farm-fresh soap and skin care products, that are SIMPLE, SAFE, and EFFECTIVE.

Overwhelmed, intimidated, or frustrated?
You're in the right place. 

See if this sounds familiar - you're super excited to make and use DIY skin care treatments but you quickly become overwhelmed. Too many ingredients you've never heard of and don't know where to buy. Too much conflicting information. Too many processes that seem confusing or even scary (we're talking about you, cold process soap).

Maybe you've already tried DIYing, but are disappointed with the lack of effectiveness and results you're getting from your handmade products. You follow amazing sounding recipes to a T, but you're not impressed with the outcome.

It's not you; it's the the fact that many DIY skin care recipes out there are, quite frankly, awful. They make a mediocre product at best. At worst, they make one that isn't safe to put on your skin.

You want to make simple, fresh, handmade products
and you don't want to sacrifice results. 

You want the products you make to work as well as (or better than!) the store-bought stuff. But you don't want long, drawn out projects. You definitely don't want complex processes. This is supposed to be fun not frustrating!

Rest easy, friend. 
I'm here to help you achieve your DIY skin care goals.

Here's the mission of Farm Girl Soap Co.

SIMPLE recipes. Making handcrafted skin care doesn't need to be complex. I'll break things down into manageable bits. You can totally do this!

SAFE products. Safety is paramount to me. If you're using it on your face, your body, your family, it has to be safe. Don't be fooled into thinking that any recipe that is 100% natural is 100% safe. It's simply not true. Because of my background in skin care, I know what's safe to use topically and what's not, and I'll share that with you.

EFFECTIVE results. You want to make DIY skin care treatments that actually work, that feel like the professional brands you buy at the cosmetics counter, without having a PhD in cosmetic chemistry to make them. I'm sharing my years of experience, education, and knowledge of skin care formulation with you (plus my time-tested recipes) so you will be handcrafting exquisite skin care products that you'll love to use.

The story behind Farm Girl Soap Co.
I've been making DIY skin care products for nearly my entire life. It started when I was a teenager, raiding the pantry to make simple facial masks and scrubs. That slowly blossomed into more: handcrafted soap, lotion, mineral makeup, and bath and body products.

The entire process of taking lovely oils and fragrant herbs and creating something luxurious and practical was enchanting to me. So, I headed back to school to study the skin and become an esthetician. 

I attended Federico College (Sacramento, CA), and completed both undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the International Dermal Institute (San Francisco). What I learned there about product formulation helped me craft skin care treatments that were professional quality, with an emphasis on natural ingredients.

In 2000, I got my start teaching holistic skin care classes at California State University, Stanislaus, through the Wellness WORKs! program, where I was an instructor for 17 years. In 2007, I expanded to other colleges and programs, teaching people how to make their own handcrafted soap, skin care, bath and beauty products, and Farm Girl Soap Co. was born.

Over these decades, I've taught thousands of people how to create awesome skin care products through live classes and workshops. As of 2018, I'm offering online courses too, so that you can study with me no matter where you may be.

I'd love to get you started off with handmade skin care success by sending you my monthly newsletter.  

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Thanks for trusting me with your skin. Happy handcrafting!